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It's time to make a change to the way I manage the home page of this site. I'm going to gather new product information as I come across it and share it here. There are lots of sources, of course, for this. The monthly and bi-monthly magazines have content, as do the various manufacturers via email or social networking. I think I'll leave the products up for three months. What do you think?

Kato has released an EMD SD70ACe in three different body styles to match the prototype(s). I like CSX because I see it every day. I'm impressed by the "Spirit" version for UP that captures the background of their veteran employees. Also look for some Gunderson Maxi-IV three unit articulated well cars. Union Pacific E8s are available to go with the City of Los Angeles passenger cars.

Summit USA continues to add to their laser-cut line of modern buildings. Nothing says "today" like a free standing SUbway sandwich shop. (Although as a business/investment they seem to be declining.)

I've not heard of Pacific Western Rail Systems has a 52' fishbelly gondola with drop ends and an ACF 4650 three-bay hopper. I didn't have them listed on my Manufacturers page. That error has been fixed!

Relative new comer to the hobby ScaleTrains.com has a Thrall 5750 cf Carbon Black covered hopper.

Athearn adds to all the hoppers coming out with their General American Transportation 2,600 cubic foot Airslide covered hopper.

Atlas has the GSI Pulpwood Flatcar and 40' container in new paint schemes. Also out are several paint schemes for the GP38 in versions with and wwithout DCC and/or sound.

As always, new freight and passenger cars continue to come from Micro-Trains Line. There's a new paint scheme for the 70' Heavyweight Horse Car. Ditto for the troop sleeper and heaveyweight observation car. As always, lots of interesting freight cars, too. Take a look!

The NScale Architect brings something unique to the "open load" category - three F22 Heavy Duty Flatcars with a large naval gun as load.

Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC has more containers available. I'm amazed at what they produce!

I heard that Altas has purchased Walthers n scale products, but they have announced eight roads for their SW1200.

Later this year you will see Pacific Car & Foundry 50-foot insulated exterior post-post boxcars fromWheels of Time in several schemes and road numbers.

Pictures of Bachmann's Amfleet cars disassembled


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