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It's time to make a change to the way I manage the home page of this site. I'm going to gather new product information as I come across it and share it here. There are lots of sources, of course, for this. The monthly and bi-monthly magazines have content, as do the various manufacturers via email or social networking. I think I'll leave the products up for three months. What do you think?

Kato has released an EMD SDP0F in two road numbers each for two different Amtrak phases as well as a couple post-Amtrak versions. I've ordered three of these and the Southwest Limited passenger car set. I'll have to add this to my passenger train page. I'm looking forward to getting these; I got to ride in the cab of an SDP40F for a couple hours when I was 15. It was quite an experience!

InterMountain Railway Company has several road names and numbers of its FP7A and F7B coming out along with new paint schemes on their 4650 cubic foot hoppers.

I've not heard of GHB International but a recent issue of N Scale shows they have a Pennsy L1 2-8-2 Mikado in traditional and modernized versions. I need to add GHB to my list of N scale manufacturers.

As always, new freight and passenger cars continue to come from Micro-Trains Line. The 70' Heavyweight Horse Car is new. I also like the 53' container in the new CSX boxcar logo.

RSLaserKits continues to add to their structure line with a couple new buildings and some lumber stacks.

You can find four new paint schemes on single and five-unit articulated Thrall 48' well cars from Walthers.

Showcase Miniatures has added 60s wreckers and 70s semi cabs to their line of detailed vehicles. Take a look to see.

Need interesting figures or detail parts? Model Tech Studios might have just what you are looking for.

The NScale Architect expands the trackside series with a Bus Camp and a caboose motel. Also new - a sleigh and a coach.

Atlas' U23B is out in new paint schemes and new numbers on old schemes. Also out - 40-double sheathed refrigerator car, NSC 50-foot plug-door boxcar, and the former BLMA TopGons in single-, three-, and six packs.

Bluford Shops has a USRA 30'-6" two-bay hopper in several road names. They are available in one, two, and three-packs. I think I need some of these in Seaboard Air Line...

Look for the fourth bodystyle from Eastern Seaboard Models. This is a Generals Steel Castings 60-ton well car from 1958.

Wheels of Time new Wide-window Harriman coaches is several schemes.

Pictures of Bachmann's Amfleet cars disassembled


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